Monday, January 15, 2007

snow and work

My daughter Holly's boyfriend Alex is in from the UK, and he came here rather than she went there because he wanted to see snow. Which we normally have in this part of the world in abundance at this time of year (in fact you're normally hard-pushed to see anything else), but this year we've have record high temperatures and record no snows. But finally, as of last night, the world has delivered, and I woke this morning to the sound of a snow plough scraping on the drive, and everything is white and wonderful. Alex is excited and is planning to throw snowballs around, make snowmen, all that.

Several people wrote to me suggesting that I mention here that grapefruit juice can interact with medication. It can -- more details at

A little bit more science fiction becomes fact as anti-cancer eggs are produced. While black diamonds coming from space isn't just SF, it's 1960s DC Comics style SF ("He was just holding that black diamond and then he turned into... into that!")

I just got an email from Rain Taxi ( who are doing their annual fundraising auction -- lots of signed books and rare books... ; while over at SFsite -- -- they're doing their Readers' Choice Awards for book of the year (first won by Neverwhere in 1997, I just realised, looking at

Over the years I've mentioned here how much I love Tom Phillips' remarkable book A Humument, and I've even mentioned that it has a website. But now the website has the entire book up, available to be read or looked at on line, a page at a time. It's a book I buy in order to give away. It makes me oddly happy. I recommend it.

(Edit to add -- there may be a problem with the files. If there is, they're also up at Tom Phillips' own site, click on the file size beneath each page to show the full-size page --

Today I'm doing the lettering draft of Eternals 7 (which makes this the first seven issue long six issue mini-series in history), finishing a four page comic about John Romita, and finishing copyediting Interworld (a book that Michael Reaves and I wrote in 1998, because it was easier to write the story as a book than get Hollywood people to understand the treatment, which we finally decided it was time to allow out into the world) and also doing the galleys of the UK Fragile Things.... and I probably won't get a chance to play in the snow.

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