Saturday, January 06, 2007

An even quicker one

Just a heads up -- some time in the next couple of days the Stardust Movie site is going to go live. It's been up at for a while, but hasn't had any content until now.

I've just been sent a preview of the first round of content, and it's really fun -- there's a gallery of Charles Vess Stardust art, much of it previously unseen, there are video interviews with me about the origins of Stardust and about Charles Vess, and I answer the first five Stardust questions...

(The site still only has the flames-and-cast-list-and-shield on it.)

While I'm being a rubbish blogger, let me point you to this Horn Book article on the use of Mary Sues in school fiction, this Stewart Lee article on humour, a wonderful Ursula LeGuin article about fantasy from the New Statesman, Jane Espenson's blog filled with terrific writing tips, and, in case you missed it, an article about a recent case of human hibernation. Also Terry Jones on the sums of war. Oh, and a Good Omens Lexicon.

And I forgot to mention here that Sir Ian McKellen will be doing the narration for the Stardust film.

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