Friday, January 26, 2007

Cool Stuff and Things

The other thing the Webelf has been working on for a while is this: It's the area of the site that was formerly known as Exclusive, and is now Cool Stuff & Things And it went live today. It ought to change content when you refresh it...

(It's Cool Stuff & Things because that fits into the same area as Exclusive Material used to.)

The Webelf did a great job -- and it's the direction we're taking the site right now, more visually interesting and making it easier to find things and also allowing magical randomness to show people fun things they might otherwise not see. Address applause or grumbles to her.

It also looks like we're going to have some fun and unique Stardust movie material up here very soon.

The Mystery Aide has gone back to start setting up an LA office, to which people will be able to send things, thus taking the strain off DreamHaven Books (who don't really mind acting as a maildrop but sometimes I don't pick up mail from there for months). All should be revealed next week.

My 2 year old son loves "Crazy Hair" (thank you), the poem and real crazy hair. I know a book was in the works with art by Dave McKean, any word on a release date?
Thanks for your time!

I'm not quite sure when it will be released, but I can tell you that Dave McKean delivered the final double page spread today.... which means the book is now in the production line-up. It looks like this:

(Click on the picture to be able to see it at a reasonable size.)

The moment I know the release date for Crazy Hair, I'll post it here.


I'd vaguely noticed the "Overheard in..." phenomenon over the last year or so, where those of us who enjoy earwigging send in to websites the best or strangest things we've overheard on the streets or off them, and recently googled to see how many there were out there. I discovered that there are plenty of them, of variable quality. Minneapolis is one of my favourites. Here are a few of the better ones... (a bit less scribbled-in-the -notebook than the rest of them) (now up for sale, for those Philadelphians who want it to continue) (not the one in Greece).

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