Sunday, December 31, 2006

to be greeted by puddles of unusual size

Home. Up too early.

Outside it's raining, and raining and raining, which makes it feel so much more like coming back to England after a holiday than like coming back to the upper Midwest after Christmas, where a weather website tells me the average high temperature for today is about 20 F and the average low temperature is 0 F and everything is meant to be, and usually is, ridiculously cold. Today the online weather charts have lots of cheery messages about record high temperatures, and it's raining on a warmish grey day in the upper Midwest on the last day of December. The ground, however, is still frozen, so the water sits in huge grey improbable puddles across everything.

Right. I had better go and buy food and do all those other things one does on getting back from a week away, which today I think include pretending that the person-high mounds of mail on the kitchen table don't exist.