Wednesday, December 06, 2006

boy scout legends

I need to post the helpful things people have asked me to do recently. Or at least, some of them. Or anyway, those I can find easily.

Here is one:

I'm not sure if you'll remember this, but, back in
January when you did a reading here in NYC, you
autographed a little tag and took a picture with a
breast cancer bear as part of my Project Teddy Bear to
support the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

Well, the auction for your autograph, bear and photo
are (finally) live and I was wondering if you'd be
willing to post a link in your blog? People can get
to your auction (and the 50+ others live right now)

In 2007, I'll be walking in my 13th Avon Walk in 6
years. I'm trying to raise $20,000 to bring my
fundraising total over the years to $100,000. All
proceeds from this auction will go toward that goal.

Thanks so much for your help!
Lisa Spodak

and here's a direct link to the auction for the Teddy that I signed. Here's another...

I was wondering if you might do me a small favor, even though you don't know me in the least. A good friend of mine in Athens, Georgia has a little girl named Sabina who was recently diagnosed with a malignant tumor on her brainstem. They are keeping their spirits up, but the burden is huge. Sabina has a web site to raise donations to help with medical bills. I was wondering if you would mind posting a link to her site on your blog. I've already posted it on my own public journal. I was trying to think of a way that I could really get it out to the public, and I thought that you might like to help. If you can't, I understand, but I thought it was worth a shot. The link is Please check it out and you'll see that it's legitimate.

Best regards,

Easily done.

And this plea for help came in from my eldest daughter, the lovely Holly Gaiman, who decided that having a father with a blog read by a very large number of people with diverse and unusual interests was something she could cash in her nepotism (filaetism?) points for. She's working on a thesis on flipbooks (like these I suppose). I asked what she needed and she said,

Basically, I'm in the very early stages of writing my thesis on flip
books. Knowing your readership, there's probably someone out there who
is a flip book collector, expert, or something like that. I'm
basically looking for any cool flip book tidbits/stories/book
suggestions/any random coolness. Love you dad,
and she created an email address -- -- for anyone who wants to send her flipbook-related information.


This came in from Lisa Snellings Clark Poppets are back. Your readers will never forgive you if they miss it. Lisa's Winter Art Sale Also if you're lucky she'll have put up the Poppets on a Book Tour video by now over at

Here's a Gothic Archies piece on NPR that's an awful lot of fun. (Click on "Listen"). The lyrics to "This Abyss" are up there too -- that's my current ringtone, mostly.

And finally, according to this Guardian article, Swiss Army Knives never had a device for removing a stone from a horse's hoof. This is like being told there isn't any Santa Claus, only much, much worse. The verities and axioms of the world begin to crumble.


Incidentally, this just went up on Amazon. I don't believe this is the actual book cover -- I think it's a sort of a place-holder. But it's still a photo from Stardust nobody's seen before.