Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Quick One

It's always an odd moment to discover yourself (or, some years back, your assistant) as a corroborative detail in an Onion story...

This is today's:

Although it was odder by far the first time it happened.

I just got a CD filled with stuff -- art and characters and so on -- from Henry Selick of material from the Coraline movie, which looked really quite marvellous, particularly the tests of the way that the character of Coraline herself walks and moves. The maquettes of the other mother look really unsettling. I can't wait till, er... probably Hallowe'en 2008 actually...

Also I have somehow mislaid my mobile phone. Just thought you'd want to know that.


And when I was about seven years old my favourite SF story, found in an anthology belonging to my friend Christopher Harris's father, was "Mr Mergenthwerker's Lobblies". Some years ago I was lucky enough to meet Nelson Bond, the author of that story, at a convention. Later, we corresponded about James Branch Cabell. Nelson Bond just passed away, aged 98 --