Monday, November 13, 2006

bits, oddments, and, you know, stuff...

Lots of writing going on at this end. I found my cellphone, though (it promptly crashed, although I discharged and recharged it and it now seems to be working again). Also finished reading the Charles Addams biography, and I can report that his second ex-wife stays evil to the end -- indeed, she appears to have forged a document giving herself 75% of the Addams Family as soon as Mr Addams was dead. The book itself was a disappointment, though -- I didn't feel I came away with any real insight into Addams as a person or as an artist.

Here's an article from the British Medical Journal I like the idea of...

An odd New York Times article about copyright and art...

Jack Williamson passed away, aged 98. I think the first SF novel I ever read was his book Seetee Shock, although it wasn't until I read his novel of shapechangers, Darker than You Think, as a teenager, that I knew I was a fan.

My story "How to Talk to Girls At Parties" has been picked up by Jonathan Strahan for his Year's Best SF anthology

Neil,Could I borrow your readers for a few weeks?I am currently touring the USA in a MINI convertible visiting the smallest town in each of the contiguous 48 states. I was wondering if you would publish my web address ( on your site so that I could temporarily avail myself of the tasteful and learned throng that seems to accumulate around
Many thanks in advance.Terence

I really liked the photos, so sure.


The most important news this week is that Alan Moore (now legal in Canada) will be a guest on The Simpsons. (

Hello Mr Gaiman. I heard that the project you're working on with Penn Jillette is a film adaptation of the book 'The Road to Endor' by EH Jones. Is this true? And is it likely that the book will come back into print as a result? Regardless, I'm looking forward to it. KJ Forrest.

True and I hope so...

Hi my eternal idol, er I mean, Neil. I read your entry on wills and thought you might like to add this link to it. The link is from LAWCHEK® & Lawsonline™ and gives a listing of which states accept or do not accept a holographic will. I'm so glad mine does, because at this time I can't afford a real lawyer.
Michele Lee

Thanks Michele. That's really useful.

And one I've been puzzling over for a couple of days...

Though I appreciate that few books are entirely without typographical errors, I was sort of hoping The Absolute Sandman might have been one of them.

The Absolute Sandman, p.34:

"Alex hands over the reins of organization to Paul McGuire, ..."

Did this really go unnoticed all these years, or did the correction slip through the cracks?

A dedicated reader,

Kevin Yank

I've read it a dozen times and can't work out what the typo is. Let me know if you can figure it out.