Tuesday, October 17, 2006

wet and puddly

It's a wet grey day. I'm not yet back on an American schedule yet, which is working to my advantage, as I got to take Maddy to school this morning many hours before I am normally awake.

Lots of people sent me nice and helpful explanations of how to export a playlist from iTunes, which wasn't really what I needed, since, for some reason known only to Apple, iTunes won't export or save iPod playlists. Other people have sent in links to various podmanagement programs, which I'm currently playing with, as neither of the ones I normally use, Senuti and Xplay, are much use for what I want to do here. Irritatingly, all the ones that seem like they might work are only available for downloads in trial versions that don't let me test them properly. I'll report back, once I've got one working...

Over at Mister Vess has put up some images he's currently working on, all Stardust related, which make me incredibly happy -- and they'll also make happy anyone who got a set of the limited edition Stardust prints in a box big enough to hold more than it contained, because it means Charles will finally finish the set. He's chosen to make one of the illustrations a drawing from Hellflyer, the Tristran Thorne adventure I've not yet written, as well, which gives me an odd bubbly feeling in my tummy and really makes me want to drop everything and write it.

Meanwhile, the first new photos from the Stardust movie have surfaced in, of all places, a Spanish magazine, and scans are up at:

People keep sending me Iggy Pop's rider instructions. And seeing that it's genuinely funny, and some of you may not yet have seen it...

It occurred to me some weeks ago that the solution, for spammers, to increasingly better spamblocks, would be to create spam that people wanted, just as the solution to advertisers complaining that people are learning better ways of skipping and avoiding ads is to start to create ads that people really want to see and then people send to each other. Like this one -- (via Olga of

And finally, a small Gothic Archies piece of loveliness --