Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A three pipe problem

The odd bit is not losing a post. The odd bit is losing a post. I mean, I have no idea where it is. It's not even in drafts. And I quite distinctly remember writing it and posting it. (Shakes head in an extremely puzzled sort of way.)

I even have a chunk of it sitting in notepad, which I shall now cut and paste...


Yesterday's flying option worked brilliantly, especially when I learned that traffic was backed up so badly on I-94 that it would have taken me five hours to get to Madison and another five hours to get home again, so Dr Dan's small plane solution saved me about 8 hours. I went in, talked to Peter Straub and Gary Wolfe in front of a large audience, learned that I was very nearly part of a literary movement called "The Mountain Behind the Other Mountain" (Gary did all the work at keeping things going while Peter and I pontificated and burbled) scribbled very fast on people's books, and then flew home.

Also Susan Straub gave me a copy of her new book (It's called Reading With
Babies, Toddlers and Twos

Over at
is an interview done at Comic Con in July with me and Charles Vess
about Stardust. Watch as Mr Vess and Mr Gaiman finish each other's

You can listen to Pete Atkins talk about the Rolling Darkness Revue

Pete is half of Hill House Publishers, who assure me that they've
mended their ways after a 2006 during which they were very bad at
letting people know what was going on. They've put a web page up
letting people know what's happening -- and it looks like a lot is happening -- at I'm still receiving
some scattered reports of people who are waiting for information or
replies from them though, so let me know if you're in that category and
I'll do my best to make sure they get back to you.


Thanks, first of all, for posting the announcement for the panel about your novels that I'm chairing at the College English Association. Could you please let your readers know that the deadline has been shifted to November 30?

The website for the original announcement is:


Tim Peoples

You are welcome. I hope you get terrific papers.

No question, just a hello, and a link to a story I wrote that isn't exactly about you, but features you, let's say. It's part I of a two part story. The second part will be posted soon. Here's the link:

It was when I read the second part of that that I remembered why I am so glad not be in academia. I hope you get a book that works well for everyone.


but there was a lot more of it than that, and now I don't remember what other things I posted. Heigh ho.

Probably mysteries add a small amount of spice and savour to life, like salt or a splish of balsamic vinegar, so I shall not worry about it. Unless it happens again.