Saturday, October 28, 2006

the news from earth two

Today I had an unplanned but extrememly welcome houseful of people, old friends in town for Mike Ford's memorial yesterday, and I kept them fed and watered, and showed them art, and took some of them into the woods in the autumn sunlight, and they talked and ate and discussed literature and it was a good way to remember Mike.

There's an article in the St Paul Pioneer Press about yesterday's memorial -- and it does that thing that newspaper articles do when you actually know something about what's being written, in that it's all sort of accurate, give or take a few mistakes, but it manages somehow to be about something from an alternate universe, where it's sort of like the world you know only different.

Over at Making Light there's a letter to the reporter, much like the one I would have written if I wrote to reporters, and a well-considered reply from the reporter in question.

And then it was over, and most of the people went. I checked my email, and learned that my Aunt Myra had died today. It wasn't unexpected, but it still stings.

There's too much dying going on right now. If you were thinking of dying this week, don't. Just don't.