Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Where I am

In case you were wondering, I've slipped off for a couple of days before the start of Fantasycon. I'm staying with Colin Greenland (who is so much less impressed than I am that I've known him for 23 years now) and Susanna Clarke (who gave me a beautiful, Charles Vess-illustrated, advance copy of THE LADIES OF GRACE ADIEU), and they've taken me on lots of very nice long walks of the kind that normally end in a large meal in a cosy pub, thus adding back all the calories I'd burned on the walk and a few more for good measure.

Meanwhile, I promised Headline, who already do the very fun website, that I would mention here that they have a new competition-sort-of FRAGILE THINGS WEBSITE.

It's and you can claim your place there and win a prize.

And I think this was first out of the hat with the Youtube mastermind information...

Hello, mister G.

The Sandman Mastermind clips are up on YouTube:

Quite funny, and some of the questions would be pretty difficult even
for a Sandman fan (but not the hardcore ones, I'm afraid). The whole
"metatextual" speech was ended in this sweet "oh, that's really
interesting" way that you end a conversation with a mortician.

Cheers, Izydor Ingwar I.


And for those of you who wrote to me concerned about what had happened to Hill House Publishers, there's an explanation and apology up on the Hill House website, along with a current update --