Thursday, September 07, 2006

rapid morning post with grumpy cat photo

Woke up this morning from an extremely strange dream (why did nobody think it odd that I was in the convent anyway?) to find these waiting....

These is not really a question. I am a regular over on the Brian Michael Bendis webboard.
Gail Simone (writer of Birds of Prey at DC comics) posted this today:

As you can read in the link, Lea Thompson's house burned down. The Bendis Board is rallying behind Gail and Lea to help out and is trying to get the word out to help Lea.

We are starting an Ebay auction to raise some money to help her. The deatails are in:
So if you can mention it on your blog it could be a big help.

Thank you!
Roberto Accinelli


Hi Neil,
I was scanning my Live Journal friend's page and came across an entry from Lea Hernandez:
There was a house fire and they lost almost everything to fire, water and smoke damage--including most of their beloved pets. Since Lea is a comic book artist, I was wondering if you might consider posting this to let folks know. They need everything. She has posted her Paypal address for donations, which is

Thanks in advance,
A longtime fan,

That's horrible. I'm happy to post it and to encourage anyone reading this to help if they can. Lea's a good person, and needs to get back to her drawing board. Probably right now, she needs a drawing board, too.


I'm -- reluctantly -- giving a thumbs down to the clever Nokia N80 phone I bought in Europe. There are many things it does really well, but nothing really makes up for the way that it jogs or slips open in pockets or bags, turning its locking system off, and calls people on its own, or for the way it grabs and yanks out beard and sideburn hairs when you put it next to your face. I like the insides of the thing but the casing and the design leaves such a lot to be desired.


The saga of Fred the cat continues. He's actually looking very well and happy right now, on two kinds of liquid medicine that need to be squirted down his throat twice a day. Now that he's actually digesting (and most importantly, eliminating) food he's got his appetite back -- he's put on weight, his coat looks good, he looks happy, and is becoming a master of pretending to make you think he's swallowed the medicines before drooling them out all over your shirt.

This is a photo of Fred just before he started putting on weight and cheering up.


Lots of people writing to tell me that there are solid shampoos and toothpowders out there, and that Lush (among other people) make the shampoos, which I knew. (I don't think I put it very well, in summarising a lost post.)

My point was that what I'd love to be able to get is a ready-assembled toiletries kit with everything I'd usually use already assembled in dry form, rather than hunting for each item individually. I don't like checking luggage unless I have to because it slows everything down and Northwest lost the only suit I have ever loved -- it's especially silly if I'm only going somewhere for a day or so. And yes, I've started to assemble one, and will report back.


And finally, yesterday my advance copies of the Morrow FRAGILE THINGS arrived. They look beautiful -- the idea of putting some of the art beneath the translucent cover was a good one. And, with their translucent covers, they look rather fragile themselves. I hope people like them. I'll try and post a picture here soon.