Friday, September 29, 2006

New York New York um

Up and awake and about to stumble out of the hotel and off to the airport, wondering suddenly why I'm not going to Washington by train as I could sleep on the train rather than negotiate more airport hell, but ours is not to wonder why, ours is just to blink uncomprehendingly at the daylight and do what the schedule says.

The 500 seats were full last night and we were into standing room. John Hodgman was an amazing Master of Ceremonies and hilarious interviewer, and even limiting it to Fragile Things plus one item per person I didn't get out of there until gone midnight, which on the UK time I'm still on was five in the morning.

Holly came up from Bryn Mawr to keep me company. At one point she passed me a note asking me to drink the tea beside me that I had forgotten about. I did. It was now cold. She walked eight blocks to find an open Starbucks, and brought back another cup of tea for me. I have the best family.

Signed a little over 500 copies of FRAGILE THINGS, two boxes of ANANSI BOYS paperbacks and sundry other things (books, comics, a pair of breasts [female] and a bottletop [initials only]).

Right. Airport awaits.

Then it's Washington. Politics and Prose ( who have just posted this from last year) and do not forget, if you are coming, that the venue has been changed to a bigger one.


PS -- a review of FRAGILE THINGS at