Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Charles Vess's new blog and other stories

I seem to have lost the post about forgetting I had my toiletries bag with me and having my toothpaste and shaving oil confiscated at the airport on my way home, and my suggestion that someone should put together a travelling kit with tooth powder, dry shaving stuff, a bar shampoo, a just-add-water mouthwash and the like in it, because I would buy one, and I bet other people who fly with just carry-on luggage would as well. It was a good post, too.

If you go to you will see Charles Vess' account of his journey to the Stardust set, and our journey on to Scotland, accompanied by lots of photos I gave him from my cellphone, including one of him posing beside a dummy of Sarah Alexander (as Empusa, one of the Lilim), one of the Witch's lair, and one of Charles being rained on in Scotland (and I am standing next to him, taking the photo and being rained on too). (Truth to tell, I'm not sure whether the picture of Tristran having his costume adjusted is of Charlie Cox or of his stunt double.)

And then if you go to
you will see some of Charles' amazing illustrations for The Ladies of Grace Adieu and Other Stories, Susanna Clarke's collection of short stories (all her uncollected short stories except for the one in The Sandman: Book of Dreams).

Neil and Webmistress,

Since Lisa didn't ask you herself, and I love her work, I thought I would ask you to post the fact she's selling some of her art with the usual 10% going to the CBLDF on Ebay right now.

She doesn't get nearly the web traffic you do and I would love to see all her pieces go to good homes. I can't afford most of her art, but I know you have readers that can and should. :-)

The auctions are ending in just a few hours so the sooner this could get posted, if that's even possible, the better.
-- Dr Molly Black

Easily done.

And the results from the UK Literary Baddie competition are in. I'm thrilled that Coraline's Other Mother made it to number seven (in the top ten she beat out The White Witch, Dracula and Artemis Fowl, but was beaten by Count Olaf, the Joker, Lex Luthor, Mrs Coulter, Sauron and Voldemort. Which sounds about right).