Wednesday, August 23, 2006

WHICH John Hodgman?

Neil,I was looking at your New York appearance and it lists 'John Hodgman' as the host. I was curious if it's the same person who is probably best known as the 'PC' in the Mac commercials, and the author probably the funniest book I've read since Me Talk Pretty or Our Dumb Century, "The Areas of My Expertise"? If so, the event should be pretty great, and if not, I'm sure that John Hodgman is nice enough in his own right, and probably has qualities that go beyond having the name of a someone who most people probably don't know, but might if they knew that that name was associated with that face of the anthropomorphic Microsoft appliance, which, of course, would not do the latter Hodgman a bit of good as he is not the former, but it might confuse some, as it did here.

You are, I believe, asking whether the John Hodgman who will be hosting the New York Fragile Things reading/talk/interview/event/thingie is the John Hodgman of and of why, I am happy to announce that it is indeed one and the same person.
And you might like to know that, like the Monkees, he may be coming to your town -- details at .

Dear Mr. Gaiman, I was wondering if or when fans send you things of thier own (comics, scripts, drawings, etc.) would or do you read/look at them or do you happen to just disregard them? If you do what would be the address to send it to and would you send feedback. I know your a terribly busy man and this would be a big inconvenience to you but the reason for me asking is I would hold your opinion over anyone elses.Thank you for your time Your fan, george
Twenty years ago I read everything and sent everyone a nice postcard back. Somewhere about eight or nine years ago I admitted defeat. Now, I have the blog, send very few postcards, and if you send me something to read it almost definitely won't get read unless you also can somehow send the time to read it in, which is sad but unavoidable.

Note, the tour schedule info (in the last post) has just been reposted with a little more information on it and some address corrections made.