Tuesday, August 15, 2006

pear day

I picked a few dozen pears today and didn't fall out of the tree. Then I went up a ladder to haul down some ivy that was blocking a dryer outlet and practically didn't fall off the ladder at all.

Also did an interview with a Bloomberg reporter about Thea Gilmore. Who has a Myspace page up -- -- with songs from Harpo's Ghost, including my current favourite, "Everybody's Numb". (And an interview with Thea is up here at the Independent.)

Mitch Benn also has a myspace page, and has put up a song called "Myspace" on it, which sums up everything about Myspace rather elegantly. Also he has his "I May Just Have to Murder James Blunt" up there, a song I came extremely close to posting here back when people were sending in those newspaper articles about James Blunt with a photo of me instead of him...

Oh, all right. For those of you who want it on your iPods. It's this MP3 file. Don't thank me. Thank Mitch.

Neil:Here's a place to purchase standard CDs of unabridged American Gods for US$70 -- Or rent them for a month for US$20.While there, people should check out the same narrator's reading of Gilgamesh. Very Good.

Rental looks a very sensible option. Thanks.

David Dyer-Bennet wrote to point out that One can't buy enough time, but some of the things you do really amount to buying time. One of the biggest ones is having a fabulous assistant. Others include direct flights rather than changing several times at hubs, better seats so you can at least recover quicker (some people can work on planes), better laptops so you can work comfortably on the road. I'm sure you do some of those. To some extent they are just buying back time being taken by your level of celebrity, but it's still time.

True. And I'm profoundly grateful for it. But you're buying minutes and hours, and sometimes, when travelling, a day here or there. It's not weeks or months, and that's what I wish for when the deadlines loom and jostle. I know, I'm an ungrateful sod.

I seem to remember a post quite some time ago about the possibility for a store. After that I must say I have not been able to find anything about it ever again. So I must know, is it still in the workings? Did I possibly miss the post that said..."and here it is!" Or has the idea been cast aside like the hopes of those fans, who like I, were so looking forward to a shirt with a lime. Inquiring minds would like to know.

It's still happening -- and the lovely people who organised have done a sterling job of reading thousands of emails and putting together cool designs of tee shirts, glasses, mouse pads and things. I, on the other hand, have been sort of snowed under over the last few months and wasn't able to get back to them on approving things, and so we decided to push back the opening of the store until I could give it a bit more attention.

Hello Neil,

I work in a big bookstore and I love suggesting books by authors I love to customers. Lately, though, I've noticed something strange. Your books are stocked in at least five different places! You're in graphic novels, sci-fi/fantasy, fiction, literature and biography. I find it very odd, though not unheard of since other fine authors like Terry Pratchett, Lovecraft and Poppy Z. Brite are in several places at once as well.

So, if you had a choice, where would you like to be shelved?

Please keep up the wonderful work, I can't wait for the new book.
Yours, a curious fan,

I'm also in children's and sometimes in picture books as well, don't forget. And I don't have a problem with being stocked anywhere in a bookshop that people are likely to go. Honest. As long as I'm in the places you've listed, I'm also happy to be shelved in Medieval History, Theology, Consumer Advice, Humour, Romance and Fishing. Also in large teetering impulse-buying stacks near the checkout till. In larger shops, of the kind that sell many things in addition to just books, I'm also happy if my books can be found stacked or shelved in Barbecue, Home Furnishings, Tissues, and Soft Fruits...