Monday, August 07, 2006

Leaving Las Vegas

It's been a brilliant week of work. I'm going home with 30 pages of screenplay done, and the two of us very satisfied with the way it's going. It's been really fun and really hard work, and I can understand why Teller has worked with Penn Jillette all these years, because working with Penn is a blast. Also, I got to drive Penn's other pink Mini Cooper.

The blog even got a namecheck from Penn on Saturday night, his first show in a week, as he juggled broken glass bottles. He'd already had one bottle disintegrate, cutting his thumb, and the next bottle he'd smashed was now pretty much a handle with a blade of glass. "Jesus! Well, if something goes wrong," he said, "it'll give Neil something to write about on his blog" and I heard one lone person in the back guffaw.


I'd like to say thank you to the Mythopoeic Society and voters for awarding ANANSI BOYS the 2006 Mythopoeic Award, which is a lion statue. As I said in my speech (delivered by proxy as I was here working) "I am very aware that any of the books on this year's shortlist could have taken home the lion as proudly and with as much right as I do", but I'm very grateful.

Right. Back to work, then home.