Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Zombie Post

I should write about the reading event I did tonight at Yale organised by John Crowley. But I'm too tired and completely braindead to write anything sensible, so trust me it was great fun and the people were lovely and were I think also understanding about John saying "No Signing..." at the end.

So instead I shall point you to the little teaser placeholder Stardust site up at, and a Kathy Li photo of the San Diego panel.

... and mention that John Crowley's Little, Big, one of my favourite books in the world, is coming out in a 25th anniversary edition early next year.

Dear Mr. Gaiman,

Before I ask my question I'd first like to apologize. While you were doing a reading of poems and short stories at Yale in New Haven, on the 25th of July, 2006, I accidently turned off the lights.

I was excited, eager to see you at a distance of at least thirty feet and to hear you read some things I've never heard or read before. What I ended up doing was accidently turning off the lights. Sorry about that.

Now for my question:

Where does one find a Hungarian Waiter coat? As a Hungarian it's an issue of national pride. An Englishman has a Hungarian coat and I don't...well, suffice it to say I've got my eyes open. Thank you and again, sorry about the light.

Frank Kovacs, the Hungarian

Not a problem on the lights. It merely added to the overall wossname. Atmosphere.

Aardvark's on Melrose was where I found the Hungarian Waiter's Jacket, a few years ago. (It came out on this trip because the lightweight leather jackets were all off being repaired and even I wasn't foolish enough to wear a heavy leather jacket in this weather.)

There. Sleep now.