Friday, July 21, 2006

A word to the wise...

It may be too late, but this just came in from my old friend Tom Galloway...

Just a heads up that you might want to pass along on the blog that the
Con is really crowded already this year. Yes, it had 100,000+ people
last year. But I don't recall Thursday last year having anywhere near
the number of programming rooms closed to entry due to being full up,
and at noon today the new registration line was still the entire
length of the Convention Center. If people want to be sure of seeing
the Stardust panel, I suggest getting there early (and I assume I
won't be able to bring you tea on-stage this time :-)).

Second, "Where's Neil When You Need Him" is on sale at the CBLDF booth
for $20. Good way of getting it and benefiting the CBLDF at the same


So if you want to get to the Stardust sneak preview screening/panel -- even though it's in a hall that holds about 8,000 people -- get to the convention centre early and get to the panel early.

Meanwhile Patrick at Dancing Ferret asks...

If, when you next update your blog, you can make mention that
"Where's Neil When You Need Him?" arrived in US shops this past
Tuesday, it would be greatly appreciated. If you want to mention
that it hits the shelves in Europe on August 18th, so much the better.

Sure. It's also available through all the usual online places, including this one.