Wednesday, July 12, 2006

resolving confusion

From the blog: "[There are a] few stories in the US edition of FRAGILE THINGS that won't be in the UK edition of FRAGILE THINGS, because they were already in the US edition of SMOKE AND MIRRORS"This makes no sense. There are stories not in the UK edition of the book because they were in the US version of a different book? Or (more likely) did you confuse the USes and UKs and meant to type them the other way around?

I'd do a memo-to-self Never Blog Very Late At Night, except then I'd blog an awful lot less. Yup, that last US should definitely be a UK.

SMOKE AND MIRRORS came out in the US about a year before it came out in the UK, and when it was coming out in the UK Headline discussed the idea of promoting it with one of those tiny pocket-sized paperbacks with a new short story or two in, so I sent over a few stories that I'd written since the mss. for the US SMOKE AND MIRRORS went it. The idea of doing the little paperback fell by the wayside, but the stories wound up in the Headline edition anyway.

Those are the stories that I've left out of the UK Fragile Things, and that I've put into the US Fragile Things.


My daughter Holly's working on the Stardust set as a runner and production assistant and checker-off-of-people-in-the-lunch-line (people from other films have apparently been sneaking over to Stardust to eat, because the catering is better). She also gets to do a video diary, and interview people, and yesterday she interviewed me and Maddy.

My favourite moment was when she asked Maddy who she was most excited to meet, and Maddy, nearly-twelve-year-old ham that she is, pondered theatrically, then said, "Well, there's a lot to choose from, there's [very blase] Robert Di Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer and Claire Danes and everyone, but personally it has to be [incredibly excited] Noel Fielding! Whoo-hoo!"

She was heartbroken to learn that he and David Walliams and the other ghostly princes won't be in the studio until September, long after everyone else has wrapped, although she was cheered up by learning that while all the other princes will be in gorgeous costumes, subtly embroidered with numbers, Noel (who plays Quintus) will be in a night-shirt, because of being murdered in bed.