Wednesday, July 19, 2006

the nun ate my homework

I'm home and I'm back. Also about twenty seconds away from sleep, and way behind on everything. But nonetheless back in the US and back on the internet.

So this is a hasty post to remind people that I'll be doing a panel on the Stardust movie on Friday afternoon at San Diego, and to apologise for omitting to mention here that I'm doing a reading at Yale on Tuesday. My only excuse is that somewhere in the hectic whirligig of the last few weeks I completely forgot. As excuses go it's right up there with the dog ate my homework, or the one about the karate-chopping nun who needed something to practise her karate on and chopped my really good homework into tiny bits while I was waiting innocently at the bus stop.

And to point people who wonder what the CBLDF is doing currently at this article from the Washington Post.