Sunday, June 18, 2006

What she said. They said. He said.

Home in time for Father's Day Dinner with 2/3 of my children. (1/3 of them are in London, working hard on a movie set.) I got cards and everything. It made me very happy.

I really enjoy being a father. And I have remarkable children to love. ("Oh, that's so sweet," says Miss Maddy, perhaps not entirely sarcastically, reading over my shoulder.)

In case someone else hasn't already mentioned this.
I believe the quotation is:
"Be regular and orderly in your life like a bourgeois, so that you may be violent and original in your work"
-Gustave Flaubert


There we go. It's listed in lots of Flaubert sites and quotation sites, often without the phrase "like a bourgeois". (Although Wikiquotes also erroneously attributes it to Clive Barker.)

Which reminds me -- one thing that seems fairly new is, not exactly hate mail, but a fair quantity of chiding email coming in from people over the last few months, telling me off for hating love. The people sending me the emails know I hate love because they've read a quote from me where I say I hate love somewhere on the web. Some of them tell me they feel sorry for me. A few of them write to tell me they agree with me enthusiastically. None of them, as far as I can tell, have read Sandman.

I crinkled my brow and went off and investigated.

If you google Gaiman "hate love" you get about 28,000 examples of the same quote. Some of the 28,000 mention that it's a quote from a character named Rose Walker in the Sandman book The Kindly Ones, but many of them don't. It's a speech by a character in a book I wrote which seems to have slipped its moorings, and in its wanderings around the web, become attributed to me personally.

It's probably worth pointing out that there's sometimes a slight difference between the author burbling on the blog or in essays and introductions (the kind of things that get quoted over at for example) and the things his characters say or think or believe.


And I was just about to go and write about Mark Millar's Crohn's Auction,, when my assistant popped her head around the door and said "If you're writing a blog entry, can you end it with And now I have to go or Maddy and I will be late for our haircuts?"

What she said.