Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Quick morning soccer ponder

I hear from sources on the Stardust set that this Sunday will see a football match between the two films currently at Pinewood -- Stardust and the current James Bond film.

And the idea of a Stardust vs Bond football match keeps running through my head, "...and it's Ernst Stavros Blofeld and he passes to Felix Leiter and... oh, he just got turned into a goat. And there's a cluster of excited ghosts over by the goal-mouth, one of them just ran through Le Chifre, and the ball, the ball's gone up..."

I also hear that the release date of Stardust has moved back to Spring Break -- March 9th 2007. And that there will be a whole Stardust-the-movie presentation, with footage from the film and special guests at the San Diego Comic Convention this year.

So now you know everything. (Holly says she had the best birthday in her whole life this year. Including use of the studio golf cart for the day.)

Hello there, Mr. Gaiman.I don't have a question. I just thought you'd like to know that I named my two guinea pigs after you and Ray Bradbury.I am also rather technologically inept, so this is probably in the wrong section. Sorry about that. -Sarah

Not a problem.