Thursday, June 01, 2006

Births, Eternals and Clean Bills of Health

This blog (and its author) would like to tender its official congratulations to Michelle (aka Miss Mousey) and the inestimable Kurt on the birth of Allistair.

Lots of information on the Eternals over at Newsarama -- is an interview with me filled with lots of strange little hurriedly transcribed typos, but comprehensible for all that, while is the first 8 pages of Eternals #1. (Also on the Newsarama site is a three part Bob Greenberger article on the history of the Eternals.)

(And after a long morning and early afternoon of blood work, probes, etc, I got a clean bill of health. My HDL levels are still too low, but they're also the highest they've been since we started keeping records, about ten years ago, so I'm not too worried. I was also informed that I'm dehydrated, and should drink more water, which is a fine thing to hear from one's doctor. But I shall do my best.)

A lovely article from the Times about how, in the UK, placement in bookshops is bought and paid for --,,6-2202068,00.html. (It's not much different in the US, while in US supermarkets and airports, I believe that the "top ten" paperbacks are simply paying their money to be in that position.)

To end with, a warning about foolish spam filters...,,1786189,00.html.
(These days I use Cloudmark as a spam filter, which I highly recommend -- is the link with code it gives me.)