Monday, May 01, 2006

Two from Bill

If ever I have to stop blogging for a bit I think I'd ask Bill Stiteler to come and guest-host for me. Already today he has sent me to a set of "Celebrity" Pixies covers. (I thought I'd like the Frank Sinatra "cover" of This Monkey's Gone to Heaven best, but actually it was easily beaten out in my affections by The Bee Gees "cover" of Wave of Mutilation...) which leads to

and then he pointed me to which is Joseph Gordon-Levitt's video of some of the paparazzi shooting him. Strange, bottom-feeding creatures.

In addition to which, Bill's wife The Birdchick let me know today that the solution to having had our birdfeeders trashed by a bear is to not fill the birdfeeders (or have food around) for the next month, and hope he'll move on. She said I'm so bummed that I won't be able to watch orioles from your kitchen
this spring, but having a bear is pretty cool. On the up side, I
would guess that you have an amorous young male who woke up from
hibernation and went a little too far south. I seriously doubt you
have a female, they are emerging with cubs right now and can't travel
too far and if she had hibernated close to your home you would have
seen evidence of her last fall. This is good, because the female
with a cub would be more dangerous than a male. Although,
considering Fred's luck, you might want to restrict his nightly outings.

Fred, by the way, for those of you who write in and ask, is currently doing as fine as can be expected when you're not allowed to eat with any other cats, or near any other cats, and have to take daily medicine, and you're only fed soft food (which he hates) rather than nice crunchy hard food (which he loves, but won't drink anything when he eats it, so he winds up with a gut filled with food that is, er unpoopable). But as Sharon says, it's time to keep him inside at night.