Tuesday, May 23, 2006

sherbert lemons

Good morning world.

The time difference thing is slowly starting to drive me into gibbering wreckdom, as I keep waking up in the morning to a full day's email inbox...

I really enjoyed the Wil Anderson - Sydney Town Hall event on Monday, and I had a great time doing the (very different) University reading and talk last night. Jonathan Stroud and I did our first school event yesterday, despite not really knowing what we were doing, and we'll do something a bit like it later today. My scary godcreature, Hayley Campbell, (fresh from her starring role in The Fate of the Artist -- seen here on a sofa on page 29) is down from Brisbane, and has done a great job of carrying the bag of pens, not losing anything, and providing people with sherbert lemons in times of dire need.

Hey Neil,
I may be late to the party on this question, but I read Teri Hatcher is voicing the Mother roles in Coraline. What happened to Michelle Pfeiffer? I thought that was excellent casting.~Sam

I read that too -- it's all over the news. Michelle Pfeifer is a bit busy doing a marvellous job being a scary witch in the Stardust film, these days, and I'm sure that Ms Hatcher will do an equally great job as a mother and an Other Mother.

Henry Selick just sent me an early poster for Coraline. Obviously, the film that Henry's making will be stop motion, and this is just concept art, not a still from the film (and by "writer" they mean "of the original book", not of the film, which Henry did, very ably, himself)...

Lots of stuff up at The Dreaming, including a link to the Publishers Weekly review of Joe Sanders book The Sandman Papers. It Joe a long time to get his book into print, and I hope it makes him smile to see a comment like Of these new books about comics, this is the only one that genuinely deepens one's understanding of the comics themselves.

And here's an article by me and Adam Rogers about Superman from this month's WIRED --