Monday, May 29, 2006

Like in the pepe le pew cartoons...

Australia's over, Balticon's finished, and I'm home again, typing this on Mike's pretty black Macbook while he reads the first issue of the Eternals (on a "here, you don't know anything about these characters, read this," basis). There are pears growing on the pear tree, cherries on the cherry tree, all the strange new bushes and trees were planted while I was away. I believe a motion-sensitive night-vision camera was installed for purposes of bear-watching, as well, but I don't know where.

A picket fence was put in as well, hiding a huge propane tank, and it was painted white. Which is, if you ask me, why, when Fred the (unlucky black) cat zoomed across the garden like a small black rocket to welcome me home, and did the cat thing, where you zoom, then you overshoot because you're going too fast, then you stalk back with your tail held high, his previously all-black tail was revealed to now be black with white stripes.

Now, I have great plans for tonight. They either involve going to bed, or having a bath and going to bed.