Tuesday, April 04, 2006

broken internal clock

Not yet back onto US time -- asleep by 9.30 every night, back working by 6.00am. The FRAGILE THINGS introduction, all 6,000 words of it, finally went off to Jennifer Brehl this morning, along with a suggested order for the stories. Now it's onto the Superman article for WIRED and another batch of Eternals pages for Mr Romita.

(Incidentally, someone wrote in querying my use of the name "Ike Harris" for the Ikaris character in the Eternals solicitation -- that's pure Kirby, from Eternals #1. One of those things you never forget and would win trivia competitions with if only anyone bothered to ask you about them.)

Then I went and gave a talk at Maddy's school, which was fun, and, she admitted afterwards, possibly somewhat less embarrassing than she had feared.

Over at the Laika site ( if you click on projects then on Coraline, there are a couple of images promoting the Coraline film. One image is on Coraline, and the other on the Dakota Fanning news item on the right. You now know what I do, pretty much.

Oh, and over at the Greater Talent Network Site -- -- you can see me talking about Censorship (from the LIVE AT THE ALADDIN videa, which is now in its entirety on the "Short Film About John Bolton" DVD -- is the kind of browser that makes me wish that I had a real job where people could look over my shoulder and I needed a ghostly vanishing webbrowser to pretend I was working.

Right. Back to work.