Thursday, March 09, 2006

scribble. scribble. scribble.

I used to be really good at writing lots of different things at the same time. These days, er, not so much. The first few pages of the Eternals have gone off to John Romita JR; another script lurches through the night towards being done; an introduction gets slowly written; and I have to start thinking about writing something on Superman for Wired. Meanwhile I keep thinking of things I need to blog, and the questions and such keep coming in. Not to mention a long interview with the Times today I'd forgotten about...

But in case you were wondering, Roger Avary and I are indeed writing a film adaptation of Charles Burns's wonderful BLACK HOLE together; Dave Mckean is going to be directing S.F. Said's lovely Varjak Paw for Hensons; Peter Straub is going to fulfill his lifetime dream by appearing on the soap opera ONE LIFE TO LIVE starting March the 27th (playing a character called "Peter Braust"); and the strange distant howling noise in the room that I couldn't figure out what it was turned out to be what happens if you leave your web browser on and then forget about it (I wanted to show the Improbable Theatre/National Theatre of Scotland people the Wolves in the Walls eCards and screensaver that Bloomsbury did, because they're so very cool).

Also, while going through papers yesterday I found the diary that I wrote and Dave McKean drew (with occasional small drawings and comics by me) of our US signing tour for Mr Punch in 1995ish. I'm very tempted to transcribe it and put it up, if Dave doesn't mind people seeing his drawings (including an elf-juggling Santa and us as a raven and a cockroach signing books...). I'll ask him.

(And for those of you who've written in wondering, Robert De Niro's part in the Stardust movie, Captain Shakespeare, is basically Stardust's Captain Alberic with a bit more to do, renamed by Matthew for mysterious personal reasons.)