Saturday, February 25, 2006

A pack of interviews...

It's SUNDAY TELEGRAPH day, it seems. I just noticed S. F. Said has done a feature on Dave McKean and Mirrormask, with an interview with Dave McKean and a little sidebar on me -- you can read it here, while there's an interview with Julian Crouch about the Wolves in the Walls here.

Vicky Featherstone tells me that the first two days of WOLVES in Glasgow have already sold out, which I mention mostly to remind anyone reading the blog who wants to go and see it in Glasgow or in London, that it's probably wisest to book your tickets early if you want to go to a specific performance. is the Improbable Theatre link. And the National Theatre of Scotland has its own website (here's the WOLVES page -- and it's the NTS website that the first pictures from the show will show up on, so keep an eye on it.

(It's also going to be in Perth, Stirling, Kirkcaldy and Ayr.)

The Lyric Hammersmith site has an interview with me at and its page on the show is at (the captioned show, for the hard of hearing, is the 27th of April).

Steve McGinty, who is one of those journalists like Nick Hasted or Michael Bonner who I've now been chatting to, on and off, for the best part of 20 years, and so the interviews tend to feel like conversations strobed across the decades, has his interview in the Scotsman today, at

Not a question, just a note that on Monday 27th February at 11:05pm BBC1 Film 2006 with Jonathon Ross will be reviewing Mirrormask for its UK cinema release.

Thanks. Fingers crossed he likes it.

Hi,my question could sound strange but i would like to know what laptop you use to write and if yuo choose it for a technical specification.Thank you for your reply

My default laptop is a Panasonic W4, and I chose it because it doesn't weigh anything much, which makes it great for travelling around the world carrying a computer. I got it from and I notice that there're now even lighter models out there.

Now that Marvel announced John Romita jr. as the artist of you "Eternals" mini-series, I wondered how far are you in the scripts and what have you seen from Romita already? Thanks from Brazil,Fábio Moon

I've seen some glorious character sketches and designs (JR talks about it here), and I'm writing it now. As we speak. This moment, doing that thing where you sort of just write down tons of dialogue and what happens, and hope that you can go in and turn it into scenes and panels afterwards. Mr Curry has just discovered that the noise out on his balcony isn't the missing cat.

Hey Neil, I'm thinking you've probably already seen this floating around someone's blog, but if not, I thought I'd bring it to your attention. Bill Joyce drew a cover and wrote an article for the New Yorker about post-Katrina Mardi Gras in New Orleans for this week's issue, and both got bumped because of the Vice-President's recent little adventure in hunting.

What a moving image.

2 "how did they get it back?" questions: DeCarabas's leather coat (Neverwhere mini-series) and Orpheus's gold ear ring- lost after Thermidor, back on in Brief Lives

The De Carabas one will be a story (called, oddly enough, How The Marquis Got His Coat Back) if ever I finish writing it. Orpheus's earring is an untold story that I never found room to tell. The earring found its own way home, though.

hey neil,this is just a quick note to tell you about this interactive comic blog i'm uploading from tokyo since the beginning of this escape the navelgazing trap, the readers are asked to give me assignments (ride a roller coaster, meet a local dj, talk about tokyo-related topics). a week later, they can read a comic about my efforts. hope you like it - your assignments always being welcome!all the best from tokyo to deadlinia,dirk

What a fun idea.

I've been reading your blog via LJ feed for a year or two now and when I saw the note about 'Stardust' filming at Pinewood and in Scotland I nearly fell out of my seat - having done degrees in Video Production and Dramatic Writing I keenly want to start getting practical experience on film and television sets as a runner or PA (with an eventual eye toward being a writer and producer). If you have the time to send me any information on where or who I could submit a CV to in hopes of finding work on 'Stardust,' that would be terrific - I've already contacted Scottish Screen in Glasgow but haven't had a response from them yet as to whether or not they have information on the production, and I'm about to go hunting for information on the production company now... Thanks for your time either way, and best luck with the film! -- Rachel

I wish I could help, but I'm the wrong person to ask -- the best I can do is point you at the Pinewood Studios site. When I was a young journalist SCREEN INTERNATIONAL would have a list of what was filming where in the UK in the back, with production office phone numbers and the rest. I don't know if it still does, but it's certainly worth checking.

I know you're probably not the biggest sports guy in the world, but this video could make Jabba the Hutt cry:

Point taken...