Tuesday, February 07, 2006

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If you're in Scotland, or in the London area, then you might like to know that tickets are now on sale for the WOLVES IN THE WALLS musical pandemonium. for details, ticket prices, all that. Previews are from Weds 22nd to Tues 28th, in Glasgow, with a proper first night of Weds March the 29th in Glasgow at the Tramway, and then a first night in London at the Lyric Hammersmith on April the 12th..

According to the Improbable website:

This promises to be visually spectacular, musically infectious and darkly comic. For everyone over 7 who is not a scaredy cat.

The cast will be Cora Bisset, Cait Davis, Ryan Fletcher, Ewan Hunter, Iain Johnston, Frances Thorburn, Jessica Tomchak, Jason Webb, which I mention here partly because I know there are a fair number of Cora Bisset fans out there (several of them wrote and told me so the last time I mentioned her), and partly because I'm really excited because it really is a strong cast...


Did you see the above article in the Sun. More nonsense about beowulf

Thanks. Sigh.

The Tomb Raider beauty, who has a home in Buckinghamshire, felt studying characters’ speech was the best way to help her develop a northern accent.

She needs it for a voiceover role as the Queen of Darkness in a film version of old English poem Beowulf.

But she doesn't play the Queen of Darkness no matter what it says on imdb, and she doesn't have a northern accent (she has an extremely cool Old English accent). And, of course, she performed her part in Beowulf last October.

There's a lot more accurate Beowulf information (some spoilers, though, I have to warn you) in this Aint It Cool News Report -- -- than in any of the more "legitimate" newspaper reports I've seen so far.


Frank Miller is hosting a screening of SIN CITY, as a benefit for the CBLDF, in Berkeley this coming Sunday. According to the press release...

Immediately following the screening, Comic Relief, Berkeley's legendary comic bookstore will be hosting a reception where Miller will be in attendance for a short question and answer session. The reception will be free to those presenting ticket stubs from the event and card-carrying CBLDF members. The Comic Relief reception will begin at 9 PM and end at midnight.

Tickets for this special benefit screening are $15, and are available at the theater box office and from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund's table at WonderCon. The screening will begin at 7 PM.

The Act 1 & 2 is located at 2128 Center Street (just east of Shattuck), Berkeley, CA 94704. Their phone number is 510.464.5980.

Comic Relief is located at 2026 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704. Their phone number is 510.483.5002 and can be found on the web at


My "Amazon Connect" page is up -- I did a few "five favourite" lists at the bottom of the page.


The original "American Gods" journal is now back up at so you can read this blog from February 2001 on, if you want. I just realised that this coming Thursday is the blog's Fifth Birthday. No idea what we're going to do to celebrate, mind you.


I miss the picture of you at your desk from the old website. Can you post it again? Pretty, pretty, pretty please?

I've looked around on a few elderly hard disks, but I couldn't find it. Luckily, everything is still pretty much the same out at my writing cabin, although the fridge is new and the computer has got smaller. So this is yesterday's version:


And finally -- February the 14th is, of course, A Very Special Day. It is, as I'm sure you know, Jack Benny's thirty-ninth birthday. And to celebrate -- and to try and get Jack Benny on a 39 cent stamp -- there's going to be a 39 Man March on Washington. Although I don't think you have to be male to be on it. And I don't think there have to be thirty nine people on the march. Details at