Tuesday, February 28, 2006

mentioning lynd ward

Lots of interesting things going on today -- the first few pages of art came in from Dave McKean on CRAZY HAIR, I sent more rediscovered SANDMAN photocopies to Scott Nybakken, and Lorraine came down from the attic in glee having found a school project I did aged eight entitled ANTS - ANGELS IN DISGUISE...

There's a great TIME OUT interview with Dave McKean up at

Something that has been bugging me for years... Why is it, that in the early run of Sandman, there was an attempt to integrate it in the DC Universe, with the JLA appearance, but later on in the series (admittedly, after Vertigo had been established), instead of using Bizarro Superman and Lois Lane, you made them Weirdzos, almost as if you couldn't use the official DC version?

That had more to do with it being sort of in the DC Universe than it not -- after all, it might have been odd if the Superman comics in the Sandman world talked about Bizarro Lois Lane and so forth. But as originally written and lettered I actually had it as Bizarros (and, I think, Superman comics and characters) and changed it at the request of editor Mike Carlin.

There's a terrific book by Hy Bender called The Sandman Companion, which is filled with all this sort of information, and which、although it's still in print, they should probably re-release into the world, because people don't know that it's out there any longer. (Here's a PDF of four random pages --

Mr. Gaiman, just a note to remind you that the Readerville discussion of Stardust opens tomorrow! We're looking forward to seeing you there.

That's, for the curious. A very nice, book-y sort of a place.

Hi Neil,
Looking forward massively to Wolves - just wanted to add that there's an interview with you up on the NTS website now (, and how nicely it all fits with the campaign to reintroduce extinct wild species (including wolves) into Scotland (here and elsewhere: So, "wolves in the walls" is less a pandemonium, and more of a prediction?
Also, are you coming back over to see it on stage for real? Though in the NTS brochure, it says that NTS/Improbable are aiming to take the show on tour internationally from spring 2007 as well as further round the UK in autumn 2006, so I guess there will be opportunities closer to you.
Hope you're getting a thaw in MN,


It's still below freezing, day in and day out, and the world is getting cabin fever. Or I am.
And I'll be in Glasgow to work on Wolves in the Walls at the Tramway during the preview period. I've loved writing the extra lyrics and words for it so far, and I wish I was over there with them all playing with wolf puppets right now... although that has rather more to do with the deeply chilly weather here than it ought to...

Hi Neil,

This seemed like something many of your blog readers might be interested in knowing about:

Seeking Book Donations
The New Orleans Public Library
(New Orleans LA)
The New Orleans Public Library is asking for any and all hardcover and paperback books for people of all ages in an effort to restock the shelves after Katrina. The staff will assess which titles will be designated for its collections. The rest will be distributed to destitute families or sold for library fundraising. Please send your books to:

Rica A. Trigs, Public Relations
New Orleans Public Library
219 Loyola Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70112

If you tell the post office that they are for the library in New Orleans, they will give you the library rate which is slightly less than the book rate.

This is from:

The New Orleans Public Library site is:

Many thanks and best wishes,
Tami Kaplan

Thanks, Tami.

Hi, Neil
Very sorry to bother you with this, but I submitted a similar question to the "site query" a while ago and haven't heard back. I tried using the search function on the new blog to look for your original comments on M. John Harrison's Light. I'd found them once just before the changeover using the old google search function on the old blog. No results this time. Also tried keyword laptop to find the comment about your new laptop and the results were a series of photos of you at signing events over the years. Not at all what I was expecting.
Thanks for your help.

It's very frustrating, isn't it? When it was decided that I'd get to keep blogging in Blogger, apparently that meant the site's new search engine wouldn't find anything on the blog any longer. Then for a few days there was a Google search engine up on the Search page, but for some reason it went back to being the other search engine, and there's no kind of warning that it doesn't search the blog up there.

Searching the blog is still really easy -- just go to, or a google toolbar, and type and follow it with the word or words you're looking for -- Harrison Light or laptops or whatever.

I hope they fix it soon.


Just to clarify for people, just above the Ask Neil box, where you can ask things (or let me know things) it says that I won't do your homework. What this means is that I won't do your homework. It also means that I won't help you write your paper or answer questions for your thesis. (I only mention this because every second request coming in right now seems to be asking me to help with homework. Or a paper. Or a thesis.) (Sorry.)

Mr. Gaiman, one thing I have long since wondered about, but have never found an adequate answer. Maybe you can help. How many words comprise a "Novel"? I have asked this question to English professors, other writers, and just about everyone in between, and I have never received a satisfactory answer. Please help. And keep writing. Your work inspires me more than anyone else. Even Stephen King.


A quick Google tells us that if you're talking Awards Categories, if it's a mystery and it's up for an Edgar, it's a novel if it's over 22,000 words, while if it's a Romance it's 25,000 words for a YA, and over 40,000 for most other categories. In SF and Fantasy it's over 40,000 words to get a Hugo or Nebula for Best Novel.

But if you're just talking novels, then it's probably zero... for example and