Tuesday, January 17, 2006

vanishing hotchiwitchis

There are five choices for the name of the website for the BEOWULF movie. Not sure that any of them set the Earth aflame, but you can pick the one you like best at When the site goes live there should be some good stuff -- a video diary was kept of the shooting, and you'll get to see some amazing backstage (not to mention Onstage, which technically should be "in the Volume") footage.

More UK Festival screenings of MirrorMask coming up --


Mirrormask is being shown next month as part of the Animex International Festival of Animation, at the Arc Stockton cinema, Saturday 11th of February at 8:00pm. The relevant festival page is at:

With the full schedule here:


Hi Neil,

Hadn't seen it mentioned in the journal so I thought I'd point out to you and your West Midlands readers that Mirrormask is showing as part of the Flatpack Festival in Birmingham on the 21st January, details can be found here


Articles I'd meant to point people to (and which people have now started sending in to me) include a fascinating one on the disappearance of the hotchiwitchi --,13369,1687999,00.html and a news article on the perils of mailing hamsters for purposes of drunken revenge, filled with more strange quotes than I've seen in one place for many months --,12891,1688415,00.html.

Interesting to hear you're fascinated by placebos. I've recently been researching into their inventor, Dr Placebo, who made a great many people feel a great deal better until it was discovered that he wasn't a real doctor at all - just a bloke in a white coat.

I'm sorry. I'd better go.

Tom W

Which is probably a good time to point out that this blog is now being translated into Swedish --

Dear Mr. Gaiman,

I'd like to invite you to a tour of the underside of Manila via my new horror-crime comic book TRESE.

Thank you!

--mr. budjette tan
alamat comics

I hope people check it out.

Dover Books are mostly public domain texts, beautifully made and bound and printed. Their Winter Sale is now on --

Meanwhile the article on Sharon Osborne's autobiography in the Guardian (,6109,1686294,00.html) tells us it's the bestselling autobiography in the UK "since records began"... and you marvel at the idea that this autobiography has outsold every autobiography since the days of Caxton. You have to get all the way to the very end of the article to learn that "Records began January 1998."


My apologies if this has been asked (and answered) before; I tried a number of different Google searches of your site and it brought up some interesting stuff, but not the answer I had in mind:-)

J. Michael Straczynski has recently started selling volumes of his "Babylon 5" scripts [] (more power to him) which I've been enjoying reading.

>From your bibliography I note that your B5 script "Day of the Dead" was published in 1998. I'm interested in gettng hold of a copy, but Amazon [] are listing it as "This title usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks" and a number of other on-line booksellers I checked don't even have it listed.

It looks suspiciously like an out-of-print title to me; is this the case? If so, is there any likelihood it will be back in print in the foreseeable future (I imagine the JMS volumes might increase demand, but then maybe everyone else buying them already has a copy of your book).

It was great to see you in Canberra last July; hopefully we can put on some better weather for you next time :-)

The simplest rule for "where can I get hold of X by you?" is still always, or almost always, DreamHaven Books' site -- where a quick search showed that The Day of the Dead book is for sale there, in stock and on sale (and for stuff not by me, look around on