Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Return of The Devil's Foot

So the big changeover date for is February 1st 2006. That's when the new-look website will roll out. I trust that things will be easier to find and make a bit more sense, and I know that we'll have a lot of things to fix as we get feedback from all of you. I've been told the blog will "go dark" for about 24 hours before the new site goes up, while they migrate the archives. How often do you get to say a phrase like "migrate the archives"?

The cover to Fragile Things, the next short story collection, is going to be lovely -- the designers at Harper Collins took a sort of idea from my editor and from me and made it magic. Just thought you would like to know. I'll put something up here as soon as I can.

In the meantime...

regarding the Orson Welles Frozen Peas Spot, everyone can enjoy it via the loverly 365 day project...

it is number 60, March 1st

there is an untold bounty of goodness on that site, a lot of it with commentary

Edgewood Smith



Your blog readers might want to share the enjoyment of hearing the Orson Welles voice-over out-takes. There are so many classic lines available for cleverly working into everyday conversation in there. The original 5-minute clip can be streamed here: while the following link takes you directly to--I kid you not--a dance remix:

This particular Welles voice session was brilliantly spoofed on the animated series Pinky and the Brain. I feel that I have to include a link to the webpage that explains clearly how Brain, from Pinky & The Brain, is based on Welles and lists all the major Welles spoofs and references included on the show:


and several others. Nobody wrote with a link to the William Shatner "You say Sabotaj. I say Sabotaaj," one, though, which is also much-beloved among voice-over people.

Hiya Neil,

I was wondering if you have a favourite Fritz Leiber book (and if so, which one).

All the best,


I don't have a favourite book -- I tend to divide Leiber simply into The Good Books and The Others (books like The Silver Eggheads, say are Others, although there's always something interesting there). Short story...? A toss-up between "Four Ghosts in Hamlet", "The Winter Flies" and "Gonna Roll the Bones".

According to the Lulu Titlescorer, American Gods and Anansi Boys have much better odds of being bestsellers than Neverwhere or Stardust....