Friday, December 02, 2005

Walking in a winter whatserland

It's really getting chilly now, 16 degrees F (about -9 C) as I type this, but it's been clear and bright and not too windy, the kind of weather in which it's good to go for walks in the woods. Here are a couple of photos of me and Maddy on our walk along the side of the creek, which is not yet frozen. On the other side of the creek the beavers are busy, and trees are coming down, but they haven't yet decided to work my side of the bank, which is a relief. Yes, I needed a shave.

Soon it'll get even colder and the snow will get deeper...

Lisa Snellings arrived here. She's given me a Harlan Ellison rat, and says that if I post this she doesn't have to blog tonight. just showed up, which was extremely nice.

(And some of you may remember that I promised something cool for the Philippines... for details.) Posted by Picasa