Tuesday, December 20, 2005


The 139 page decision in the Pennsylvania "Intelligent Design" case is fascinating reading -- remarkably lucid and interesting.

The "why this is not an activist decision by an activist judge" bit on page 137 is terrific, although you're best off getting there the hard way, starting at page 1, including slogging through the appalling behaviour of the people on the School Board who started it, who, despite feeling it was important to expell Darwin (and Darwin's finches) and get the Old Testament God back in the classroom, had somehow managed to fail to realise that any of that stuff in the Bible about bearing false witness applied to them.


Michael Zulli writes to let me know that he's finished another painting and put it on eBay. He's also put a rough of the next painting, a magnificently goatish Pan, that he's working on now as the final image of the auction. Keep an eye out at to watch it progress and to see when it goes up on eBay (or alternately just write to him and offer him lots of money for it. He won't mind. It's how he can afford to buy more paint).