Saturday, November 19, 2005

Why I left journalism....

After a few weeks ago's bollocks story about Angelina Jolie walking off the Beowulf set (just to remind you, she didn't, although it's still going around, along with what look like cameraphone snaps of Miss J in full Grendel's Mother gear) today's bollocks news story is about how Guy Ritchie and Matthew Vaughn are "yet to decide which one of them will actually direct" Stardust.

Again, it's all from an unnamed "insider".

Which will come as a suprise to anyone involved in the film -- it's been Matthew's personal project for years, and when he left X-Men 3 he immediately started prepping for Stardust. He'll be directing and producing it. Guy Ritchie's never been involved in it at any point in any way.

(I spent a lot of this morning at Matthew's place watching audition footage of Tristrans and Evaines. One absolutely stand-out Evaine in the batch.)

I know that at my age (and given that that was one reason I stopped being a journalist) I shouldn't be amazed at totally fabricated "news" stories, but I still am -- and only know that those two were complete and utter made-up bollocks because I had personal knowledge. The next time that I read that in the papers that Wallace and Gromit have broken up (probably with Gromit going off with Jennifer Anniston) I'll still wonder whether it's really true or not. If you see what I mean.


From Reg Osborne in Australia:

I probably should have told you at the time or
earler that the Great Debate from Continuum 3 is now
availiable on CD. I know that for a lot of people that
was the highlight of the weekend so you might want to
let them know that they can now replay it any time if
they order a copy from here:

Also, the photo gallery from the con has finally gone
up here:

Apart from proving that Michelle can't go anywhere
without attracting a camera, (and let's face it, why
shouldn't she,) there's a wonderful shot of you taking
dictation from a dalek which is worth the price of
admission on its own.


Nearly forgot to mention that I signed a LOT of books in central London yesterday. So if you're hunting for something signed by me for Xmas, Blackwells, Foyles and Borders (all in the Charing Cross Road) and Waterstones (Piccadilly, Harrods and Oxford St) all have signed books -- Anansi Boys, MirrorMasks, and lots of paperbacks. Some of them even had graphic novels. I also signed a lot of books for Forbidden Planet in Shaftsbury Av. (And, of course, many books were also signed for the various shops I signed in on this tour -- for the complete list.)