Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Not yet in Kupu

There's a new purpose-built system that I'm meant to be writing this in, as I learn how to make the transition over to the Whole New Website, but it just ate a post, so I've come back to good old reliable Blogger.

Slightly odd day -- I fell asleep yesterday around three in the afternoon and slept until seven this morning, which means, I think, I was more tired out from all the travelling I've been doing than I thought I was. Still, it meant that I was up and bright-eyed, if not exactly bushy-tailed, for an odd class-interview-by-telephone at 9.00am this morning.

I think from this article -- -- MirrorMask will definitely be out on DVD in Region 1 on February the 7th, although it appears that it'll be out in PSP format on January the 10th.

I noticed that a couple of the biographical pieces that I keep meaning to send people who write in and ask for date of birth and all that stuff for school essays, the location of which I'd lost track of, are up at


Here's a link to the Neil Gaiman Quotes Site that you ordered.

It wasn't an order, honest. But it looks very nice.

speaking of quotes, your earlier correspondent might want to peruse this:

and also

There are lots of quote sites with you on already. Have you seen
??? I loved Stardust. kissies. Kate.

I hadn't. Incidentally, the exact and complete Death quote (from Death Talks About Life) is "Life -- and I don't suppose I'm the first to make this comparison -- is a disease: sexually transmitted, and invariably fatal." (Which I put up here for the benefit of anyone googling it, because I notice that there are a few different versions out there.)

Neil-Any chance of being able to order a copy of the Study in Emerald poster online somewhere? I'd really like to get my hands on one, and I'm stuck at college for the duration. Any information or help on the way towards getting my hands on one would be vastly appreciated.Sincerely,Zach Weber

I don't think that DreamHaven have decided a few important things yet, like, well, the price for a start. The posters will go on sale at the Dec 3 signing, and will then, assuming there are any left (and I think there will be, as I can't imagine all 1200 selling at the signing) be made available at the and websites. And then I assume that there will be a mad rush on them, they'll all be gone by Xmas, and Jouni will promptly take his share of the loot and buy a small tropical island with it, leaving Finland for ever.


Anansi Boys made the Christian Science Monitor list of the year's ten best books.

There are animated Bakers cartoons up on Kyle Baker's website. and at Having said that, it's a bit odd watching them, because these are the Bakers, after all. It's a bit like being friends with Homer Simpson, or having Tom and Jerry as pets, and then seeing the cartoons.


Okay. You remember the paragraph above about the Study In Emerald poster and signed print? It is, in government-speak, no longer operative. This is because ten seconds ago I got an email from the mystery woman only known as E.V. Mobius at DreamHaven, which said,

Here are the links to the two editions of A STUDY IN EMERALD:

Poster - $10.00

Print - $40.00

E.V. Moebius
DreamHaven Books

and there you go. It looks like this, only significantly bigger: