Monday, November 07, 2005

Neat Neat Neat

Lots of interviews today. It's amazing the sort of things you find yourself talking about during interviews -- subjects today ranged from Why People in the West Country Seem to Like Oddness to Why I Love the Book "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds".

Let's see -- the World Fantasy Awards have been announced, and a really solid bunch of awards they are too: Thrilled about Susanna Clarke, and very pleased about Margo Lanagan, John Piccacio and the Rodens, not to mention Carol Emshwiller. is the junior division of this website, run by Harper Collins, and they have a nice little new MirrorMask subsite up there -- -- with some downloadable MirrorMask wallpaper.

I linked to that patent novel ideas site the other day. Scrivener's Error has picked up on it and points out a number of sensible things about it -- -- not least among them that if you're patenting the idea without doing it, there's no evidence there that it'll work. Peter Cook, in one of his wonderful E.L. Wisty monologues, talked about patenting a pill that would cure all disease and make everyone healthy forever, and that way when someone invented it, he'd clean up -- and patenting an idea for a book without writing the book might be much the same thing...

I gave up on the hotel wireless service and they sent up a network cable. Apparently they're very used to this.

Did you know your blog is worth money??? It'S from Technorati.
(Link here.)

Good lord. (Thinks: uh-huh, that and twenty quid'll get me an internet connection in this hotel.)

Some nice person sent me a link to the Neil Gaiman shop, and I've lost the email but still have the link.

Right. Off to the next thing (in this case, a launch party for Anansi Boys).