Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Hangin' Around

I've just discovered I have an extra 15 minutes until the car comes to take me to tonight's show. So, a quick blog entry...

Got up. Went for a long drive to a warehouse, where I signed 200 first printings of the Headline hardback Anansi Boys and 800 of the third and fourth printings (who knew?).

(Apparently UK bookshops -- or, I suppose, any bookshops in a UK bookselling territory -- can simply order the signed books through Hodder Headline's Bookpoint, so you can ask your local bookshop to get it in for you.)

Over the years, one of the requests that has come in time and again is for me to suggest places to go, or for a walk, for people visiting London. I asked my friend Judith Clute, who is a guide on London Walks ( if she would suggest one, and she's done something over and above what was asked -- created a whole walk with some Cool London Stuff and some Neverwhere Bits in it. I'll format it and post it here in the next day or so...

Right. Car's here.

I imagine I'll see around a thousand of you tonight.