Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Good News for Bay Area Readers...

Martha and Dan were handing out postcards for this at the Cody's event... and are offering a discount if you print out this post (LJ feed and RSS feeds count too).

Opening this Thursday!

Cassandra's Call Productions presents:
by Nebula Award winner, Martha Soukup
directed by Dylan Russell

This smart, sharp comedy tells the story of a man so fed up by the
way the world is run "for his benefit" that he decides he wants
out... literally. When Douglas petitions to divorce himself from the
human race, he finds that not being a human being may be more than he
bargained for.

Arwen Anderson*, David Austin-Groen*, Kate Austin-Groen, Christopher
DeJong, Paul Silverman*, and Trish Tillman

Thurs-Sat nights
Oct 6-29
Exit Theatre
156 Eddy St, San Francisco
7:30 pre-show concerts (this week, featuring Rachel Efron!)
8:00 show
Tickets are $20

Opening weekend, bring a copy of this post and get $5 off!
Reservations by calling 510-645-1223 or

Dan Wilson

and even better news, Kepler's is reopening.

I don't know when I can do a celebratory signing there, but I hope it's not too long from now.


For those of you in Canada (where I'll be in an hour or so), Harper Canada is running a contest at which includes the chance to win tickets to the Toronto Event (which is otherwise sold out).

There's an audio review of ANANSI BOYS podcasted at SFsite -- -- with extracts from Lenny Henry's astonishing audio book.