Thursday, October 13, 2005

Free song at end of post...

Starting to crawl back to life. Am wearing a black tee shirt with a dancing skeleton on it, and once-black jeans that are now sort of grey. Still have not yet shaved, for those keeping track.

Now the North American leg of the tour is over, it occurs to me that I should say thank you to all the people who came out to the signings (and some of you came a VERY long way), and who stood for long periods of time, and who are, in all probability, still puzzling over my handwriting, and who put up with me reading to you. I'm very grateful.

Lucy Ramsey at Headline in the UK tells me that some of the evening events are in danger of selling out soon, so you may want to check the UK signing list over at Where's Neil, or at, and make sure of a ticket for any of the ticketed ones.

Someone in Dublin wrote to say they were having trouble getting through to Rattlebag on the phone to get tickets -- according to the Rattlebag website
You can contact us at our 24 hour comment line on (01) 208 3445, write to us at "Rattlebag", RT� Radio 1, Donnybrook, Dublin 4 or e-mail us at
so you may simply be able to email them.


In honour of of Harold Pinter winning the Nobel Prize for literature, I think we should now have a small pause.


I need to go through the Firefox tabs and post a bunch of links and close a bunch of tabs. In the meantime, you can be awed at my ability to go birding while on tour at birdchick's blog,
or discover the open rights group (of which I seem to have become a patron), or read Nalo's entry on the Toronto event...

(There's a cliplet of the Toronto event over at

Paul di Filipo reviews ANANSI BOYS over at -- -- the only review of any of my books to cite Paris Hilton, I think -- and Roz Kaveney's review from Time Out is up on her Live Journal --

Mandy who does Nice Hair gave me a lovely "thankyou for not suing me" drawing in Vancouver, and has put up a new episode, in which the hair in question starts behaving like it always does in real life....

Meanwhile, over at the Lorraine and Malena webpage, Malena has put up an MP3 of the first track of their new CD.

(She phoned to ask how to put up part of an MP3, and took my suggestion to put up the whole songs instead, on the basis that if people like them they may buy the CD or share them with friends, and either way people will hear them.)

It's a song I wrote the words and music for, arranged by Chris Ewen, and is also, I'm afraid, a sonnet. (L/M are a mighty two-headed blogger as well.)

Go and listen.


And I've just learned that ANANSI BOYS is now up at iTunes, for those of you who would like instant happy Lenny Henry gratification (and the link only works if you have iTunes).