Monday, October 17, 2005

Dublin again, and lots of other things.

For all the people in Ireland trying to get to the Rattlebag event:


Thanks a million for putting the details of the public interview with Neil on his website, we've had a huge response!! The only thing is there is a problem with the phone number, the 208 6445 number seems to be broken at the moment so would you be able to change it to (o1) 208 2822.

Thanks a million

Grace O' Connor
Broadcasting Assistant
RT� Radio 1


Slept, in two chunks, for about fourteen hours out of the last twenty, and am finally feeling human again, after the US Anansi Boys tour. I think it took me five days to unwind enough actually to relax. I now have to plan out the next two weeks, following which I head off to the UK and do it again (but, I hope, not as exhaustingly).

Various people have written in to let me know that the actual places now showing MirrorMask now bear little resemblance to the list up on the MirrorMask website. Sorry about this -- nothing I can do about it, although I've passed it on. Best bet at this point is to check with your local papers.

Also some people writing in to let me know that the MirrorMask sound was really muffled. Again, nothing I can do, but suggest that you complain to the cinema. It shouldn't be.

This is my favourite sort of weather: bluer-than-blue skies, enough warm blustery wind to set golden leaves spinning past the window and push the curtains around, a promise of possible thunderstorms in the evening. It's good.

... is me talking about a few things I like. (Nothing that will be any suprise to anyone who has been reading this blog, but still.)

Hi there, I've become hooked on "Dark Sonnet" ever since you posted it, and being a college student have vowed that as soon as I have money I'll buy the CD. Unfortunately, I am renowned for my inability to decipher song words. Would you/could you post the words to the sonnet, or direct me to somewhere where I could find them? Thanks, -Christina


Thanks for the link to "Just me and Eve". I've been listening to it all day and recommending it to everyone I can find.Just a quick note to ask if the lyrics are up anywhere. I looked on and couldn't see them there. That's the problem with patter songs - it's so hard to take in all of the words at once. I would really appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction.Thank you Caroline

Sure. I'll dig them out and put them up in the next few days.

Hi Neil, I was at your Pasadena book signing and captured your Anansi Boys reading on video using my little Canon digital camera. Are there copyright issues or or other legal nastiness if I post the movie online?-- Debi
p.s. Have you tried wearing the hand-knitted black socks yet? (that wasn't me, that was my friend)

Only if I wanted to make them issues or nastinesses, and I'm fine with people posting things they filmed or recorded on this tour and putting them up. Not yet unpacked the majority of the things people gave me on the tour, including the significant socks, (although I am enjoying the Calamansi juice).

Will you be speaking at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia as part of the Visiting Writer's Series anytime in 2006?

I've been asked if I can give this year's James Branch Cabell lecture (not sure if that's the Visiting Writers Series or something else), and I very much want to -- just need to work out a date.

Mr. Gaiman, In re: MirrorMask, I am having an awful mess of a time finding a proper definition of 'snogging'. The web has been of no help (some places define it as essentially spooning, with others calling it 'cuddle followed by a kiss'), and the Britons I've approached can reach no agreement as to whether nudity is a factor or not, or if perhaps one's tongue figures in somehow.Can you help a poor girl from across the pond?

When I was much, much younger snogging was mostly lengthy kissing sessions in shop doorways, alleys or graveyards. I don't think that the shop doorways alleys, or graveyards are actually necessary, but the kissing definitely is. Tongues, I think, are de riguer. However, I think nude snogging would be something else entirely. Does that help?

A hasty google turned up


For those who enjoyed the SHINING recut trailer a few weeks ago, I point you to (click on Paul Lacalandra, then on Ordinary Girls), for a recut trailer of the Hayley Mills Parent Trap...


Last week I got an ipod nano. After putting some music on the ipod, I checked out Anansi Boys from my library and copied the audio book CDs onto my ipod. I have been listening to the book as I go about my day. However, I feel guilty, as if I have ripped you off somehow. Is it okay to copy library versions of your books onto my ipod? Have I broken the law?

Thanks in advance for either slapping my wrist or easing my guilty conscience.


What a wonderful ethical question. I feel almost rabbinical pondering it. No, I don't believe you've broken any law. If you'd checked out the MP3 CD from your library you'd be expected to put it onto your iPod, after all. There's a weird sort of ethical fogginess, in that I suspect that part of the idea of libraries is that when you're done with something you return it, and of course once you have your MP3 on your computer and iPod you can keep it forever. But I think this is just one of those places where changes in technology move faster than the rules.

If you're listening to it, and you've got an iPod or suchlike MP3 player, you're almost definitely going to listen to it on your iPod. That's how things are, and it's a good thing (it's why I got Harper Collins to release American Gods and Anansi Boys on MP3 CD, after all).

Probably wisest not to pull it off your iPod and give it to other people, though. Let them at least take it out of the library themselves.


And finally, Robert Morales sent me this link with the note "Look Under W". And I did, and I was made happy. You might want to do likewise. (Not sure I'd put more than about 20 of those on my top 100 list, but then that's the fun of lists.)

It also amused me how often the 100 greatest novels list crossed over with, a list of books from a "like-minded group of parents" who want to get books with swearing in them banned from schools...