Monday, October 24, 2005

The Amazon Mystery -- solved!

Lots of messages letting me know things like

hey Neil, amazon is trying to mess with everyones heads by punching in weird dates. there is a little mention of it here.

Most things are coming out 36 years ago on DVD it seems...seems the dates are just place holders til more offical info is available. C.


Hi Neil -Regarding the MirrorMask release date on seems that they are doing weird things on the site showing strange release dates for things that don't yet have actual real release dates. I heard about it here - Hopefully they will realize how ridiculous this is and stop the madness soon.

And I finished Anansi Boys last week and loved it. Am now telling everyone I know to get it and read it. :-)Cheers, Kerry

Fair enough. And thanks for telling people to get and read ANANSI BOYS. (It's the best way of spreading the word about books, I am assured: word of mouth.)

Oddly, the coolest book I've had something vaguely to do with, NOISY OUTLAWS etc seems to have come out to a deafening silence -- I've only seen one review so far -- (which finishes For my final argument on why this book is most definitely worth your $22, I offer this list of why you need this book now: hotshot authors, an amazing title, merciless jabs at crappy children's stories, awesome amateur poetry, a crossword puzzle that you can finish and feel smart about, and a half-finished Lemony Snicket story on the inside of the dust jacket that you're invited to finish and send-in (the winners get their entries published in a future McSweeney's book). On top of that, all proceeds from the book go to 826NYC, a nonprofit group that helps students develop their writing skills, so you can feel good - not creepy - about venturing into the children's section the next time you're in a bookstore ). So in the absence of reviews, consider this a little bit of word of mouth. I finally read it all yesterday, and it's wonderful.

And I notice that McSweeneys has now announced their NOISY OUTLAWS six city extravaganza on November the 12th (which I would be doing something for except I'll be signing people's books in the UK) but Lemony Snicket himself will be presiding over the business by satellite from Brooklyn to Michigan and beyond. It's a great book, all for an extremely good cause, and any of you reading who have blogs or write for newspapers or things should review it or at least mention the 6 City Extravaganza....

If I dress as Death for Halloween, the one from Sandman and I send you a photo will you put it up on your blog?

Um, no. I don't think so. But if someone else volunteers to set up a webpage, or one of the picture service things, where people who dress as Death (or, I suppose, any characters I made up) for Hallowe'en can send their photos, then I will happily link to it from here when Hallowe'en is all done.