Friday, September 30, 2005

If this is thursday, where am I again?

Just finished a lovely little signing at Book Passage -- only a couple of hundred people, which made it so easy and pleasant, and a great conversation with Michael Chabon, and then I got back to my room to find that I've got another hundred books to sign for a local bookshop, if the hotel can find them and get them up here.

(I'm currently waiting for them.) (Right. They're signed.)

Hi Neil.I live in Olympia, Washington.( roughly 60 miles from Seattle ) I plan on going up to Seattle on Tuesday the 4th of Oct. But see, I don't have a car. I am going to ride the train up there to go to the signing. From now, until October 4th, I work, so I really don't have an oppurtunity to go up there and buy a "ticket" So... maybe you could help me this, it would help alot! If I show up at the location say at around... 5ish... will I be able to buy my copy of anansi boys and my ticket then? Or do I have to buy the ticket days before the event? I really have NO way to get up there to buy a ticket in advance --I am just a poor eighteen year old. Best case scenario is I get up bright and early on tuesday, take the train there (how noble!) and buy my ticket. Then, I wait patiently in line. Worst case scenario is I arrive, an officious receptionist explains to me that I had to purchase my ticket in advance, and that she is "so sorry".Please, I am not even asking you to post this one your site. I don't care about the "fame" If you know the answer to my little problem, I would be very grateful. I might even bring you some peanuts on the signing day or something...Thanks in advance.Neverwhere>American Gods (but AG is sexy as well)- Will P.

I don't know. I have the same information you have -- Tuesday, October 4 7:00 PM PDT SEATTLE University Bookstore At University Temple United Methodist Church1415 NE 43rd Street Seattle, WA 206-634-3400 $3 or free with purchase of title from any University Book stores.

What I'd suggest to you, and to anyone else who doesn't know what to do or how something's going to be organised at one of these signings is to call the phone number for the event -- in this case call the Bookstore at the number given -- and ask. They can usually give you a better answer than I can.

Dear Neil,I know it's probably a bit late to be asking this question, but I haven't seen the answer posted on your journal or at the website of the West Hollywood Book Festival. Do I need to buy Anansi Boys there to have the book signed by yourself, or may I buy the book elsewhere (and perhaps for cheaper, no offense) and bring it there to be signed? Yours confusedly, Jackie P.S. I'm looking forward to seeing you, and hopefully having a book signed by you. And please forgive me in advance if I babble incoherently at you.

As far as I know, you simply go to the Golden Apple Booth and get a ticket early in the day. They will be in limited supply, though, I'm afraid, as I'm only scheduled for an hour's signing, and have to go on from there to an interview.

I'll sign at Vroman's in Pasadena the night before for anyone who's there, though, and will stay until everyone's done.


There's an interview at with both me and Dave McKean about MirrorMask...

Do your separate projects make you appreciate your reunions more?
Neil: It's a nice position to be in. Very few enjoy it. We're like Simon and Garfunkel.
Dave: We're not like Simon and Garfunkel.
Neil: What I meant is Ike and Tina.
Dave: Tom and Jerry.
Neil: Exactly.

Read the whole of it at,

While you can listen to me talking to Kurt Andersen at Studio 360 -- for one week only. Podcasting at

There's a review of MirrorMask at the New York Times -- which thinks that Dave and I co-directed it, which is an odd thing to read in the Paper of Record. The embodiment of a cult film, one destined for a rich life on home video, it is an acquired taste that this critic has yet to cultivate, he says. Fair enough. The LA Times comes down on the side of the film:,0,1852273.story?coll=cl-mreview

Here's the Entertainment Weekly review --,6115,1110758_1_0_,00.html

Another review at Ubercine -- -- Their first feature-length collaboration is MirrorMask, a gloriously loony yarn and astounding work of art which may well catalyze a whole new genre of feature filmmaking for the twenty-first century. I would like to dub it �Le Cin�ma du R�ve.� In fact, I think I shall. Right now. Because I can. MirrorMask is primo Cin�ma du R�ve. Dig it.


Fifteen years ago Terry Pratchett and I went up to the Locus office and were interviewed by editor Charles Brown and we had our photos taken on a sofa. Over the last two weeks Terry and I have passed through the same offices, sat on the same sofa, were interviewed and had our pictures taken. The magic of Photoshop should put us on the sofa together, in an almost exact repeat of the 1990 photo, in the February edition of Locus.

From what Charles tells me, the Special Offer for readers of this blog is still valid -- -- but they will be putting their price up soon, so it may not last forever.


An appreciation of Jerry Juhl --


Finally, there's the recut SHINING trailer. I wasn't going to put it up, because I've seen it all over the web, but still. It's special. And you may not have seen it yet.... So enjoy.