Thursday, September 08, 2005

Bold as brass

Sorry about yesterday's Bolding thing -- there was a mystery LJ code inside one of the sections I quoted which, it turned out, was only visible in Firefox (and the LJ feed), and wasn't visible and didn't do anything in Explorer, which I only keep around now for doing Blogger entries anyway, because it doesn't keep bouncing you back to the start of the entry like Firefox does. Once I went into Firefox it was easy to find and fix.

Spent a long yesterday with Dave McKean being interviewed about MirrorMask, over and over and over. Usually press junket things are mind-numbing, because people ask the same four or five questions over and over, and the only choices become whether you say exactly the same thing over and over, or whether you try and rephrase it each time. This time, with the exception of people wanting to know how it all started, every question and every questioner was quite different. Which made it almost fun. Still exhausting, but fun. At the end of the evening, Dave I are were lucky enough to get to see some puppet improv at Henson's. Sort of like Whose Line is it Anyway?, but with puppets -- normally randomly grabbed from a long table. Extremely funny, and the kind of thing that ought to be seen by more than a hundred Henson's employees and their friends.

Michael Polis at Hensons tells me that some more cinemas have been added to the MirrorMask launch, and we'll put them up here. He also asked me to stress that, if you want to help MirrorMask to go wider, then try and see it in the first week. I don't think it'll make an enormous difference to us whether or not you're there on the first night, because with something small like this the Friday Night Grosses aren't going to matter, so you can go and see Serenity with a clear conscience. But the first week will be tremendously important to whether or not you're likely to see MirrorMask on the big screen anywhere else in the US, and quite possibly anywhere else in the world. (Although I hear rumours of a Screening in Singapore in December.)

Over at The Dreaming there's a transcription of the TIME OUT NEW YORK interview with me and article about ANANSI BOYS (I can't find any permalinks at the Dreaming, but it's currently the second entry down.) (Edit:here's the link.)

I keep forgetting to link to the Three Monkeys interview, again, mostly about ANANSI BOYS. (It's probably worth pointing out that in talking about the serious/funny dichotomy, I'm not quoting Terry Pratchett -- Terry and I are both quoting G.K. Chesterton.)

Incidentally, we've just got permalinks over at the FAQ blog I used to do here, and may now reactivate, now that I can actually point people at specific answers. Here's something I wrote about writing, for example... and then scroll up a bit.

Oops. Got to run for a plane. More later.