Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The signing tour -- Kepler's RIP...

Tour News:

The signing for Kepler's -- -- at Menlo Park on September the 28th is cancelled. This is because (as you'll see from the link) Kepler's has just closed its doors for good, rather unexpectedly. It was one of the stores I always looked forward to signing in, with nice, smart staff, good books, and a terrific clientele. Sigh. I'm sad it's gone, and so suddenly. (There's an article on the closure at

(Remember, if you have a local bookshop you like, buy your books there. Otherwise it could happen to you.)

The two other Bay Area signings are still on--

Thursday, September 29 7:00 PM PDT
Michael Chabon and Neil Gaiman in Conversation
Book Passage
51 Tamal Vista Blvd.
Corte Madera, CA

Friday, September 30 7:00 PM PDT
September 30, 7 PM PDT
at the First Congregational Church of Berkeley
2345 Channing Way at Dana
Berkeley, CA

(See for details of the event)


Neil, Got the new SFX and was pleased to read your interview (notably the comment on this blog...); one thing confused me slightly, however. The words are generally about Anansi Boys yet the pictures are mostly Mirrormask. I suppose that makes sense considering the mediums of each, yet still a tad odd I thought. Nice photos of yourself and Dave McKean though. look forward to seeing you in Glasgow later this year at your signing, Roddy.

I've not seen it yet, although I was just sent a link to the SFX interview with me... (The photos were taken between two buildings. It was windy. That's my excuse for the hair in the photo anyway.) There really aren't many things you could use as illustrations for an ANANSI BOYS article though, especially not if my hair looked like that in the rest of the photos, so I'm not surprised they did MirrorMask pictures.

Which reminds me, over at you'll find lots more information about MirrorMask. There are interview clips with me and Dave, some film clips and so on. It also has a preliminary round of places that will be showing MirrorMask when it gets released -- click on the main picture and a window with the info should pop up (or just click And if you were hoping to see it when it comes out, be prepared for a road trip...


Hey Neil, Just wanted to let you know that I went and picked up my tickets to your reading in Cambridge, MA, and they don't have a whole lot left. I ordered mine over the phone and just stopped by when I could. the nice folks there explainned that there had been a recent surge in sales. Just wanted to pass along the FYI to folks interested in going.Thanks Ed

Which I post mostly to remind people who are planning to go to any of the events that are ticketed, to call and get your tickets ahead of time. Don't simply assume that if you turn up on the night you'll be okay -- you probably will, it's only me after all, but the whole point of ticketing is that they know how many seats they have.

Which reminds me,

Hi Neil, I work for Blackwell's bookstore in London and will be one of the members of staff present at the November 8th gig. I thought I'd drop you a quick line so you can tell your blog readers that yes, it's �7 (�5 concession), and yes, it's selling out fast!Love your work and really looking forward to meeting you.Claire x


Hey Neil,I was wondering if you will be giving out signatures at the Lenny Henry interviews Neil Gaiman event? I expect not because if they give out 930 tickets and you spent 1 minute with each person you'd still be signing over 15 hours later although probably with the pen held precariously between your toes, both hands having falling off a few hours earlier. So if I want a signing/meet Neil Gaiman moment should I come to one of the other events as well?Cheers, Elese

At the previous London events, for Coraline and for The Wolves in the Walls, in Congress Hall, which fitted a sold-out 600 people, about half the people got in line to get stuff signed, and half of them went home. Normally the shop holding the event tries to have lots of pre-signed stuff for people who don't care whether or not they meet me and watch me writing "To Hildegarde, warm, squishy, intimate wishes, Nel Gaaaaaaa" as long as it's signed, so they can buy it and catch their last train home.

The Blackwells event will be the best for coming and seeing a talk up on a stage, and Lenny reading bits of the book, and me reading bits, and doing interview and Q&A, and all that stuff. But, as you suggest, it won't be the best for having a nice chatty moment. If you're in the UK and you want to make the most of it, the signings to go to are normally the lunchtime ones -- they tend to be more sparsely attended and have room to chat in them. Evening signings tend to be marathons.