Tuesday, August 02, 2005

a shadow of the post it should be

Dear Neil, Any word on a not-so-rough schedule for the ANANSI BOYS tour? I've contacted the bookshop in Denver for more information but they say they are waiting on your camp. If one were to make hotel reservations and get plane tickets would that be too risky? Lots of Love,Erin Pulsipher Santa Fe, NM

I don't have any more information on the Tattered Cover signing than what's already been posted in this blog. But I don't honestly think they can be really be waiting for information from my camp (which I assume is Harper Collins) because the shops decide where the signings are going to be, what time they start, whether they're going to be ticketed, how things are going to work and so on. Harper Collins doesn't and I certainly don't. But no, I can't see it would be risky going to one of the signings -- all of the dates and locations are set in stone at this point. If you're going to be flying and hotelling then I'd suggest you pick one of the ones in a theatre or hall or somewhere, on the basis that you'll probably get a better event than you would in a bookshop, and you'll probably also have somewhere to sit until I scribble on your book (which is easier, although perhaps less social, than standing for hours in a queue that only seems to move just before it gets to you).

I just posted a long updated list of US/Canada ANANSI BOYS September/October Tour event locations and dates and ticket info and suchlike over at WHERE'S NEIL
-- the link to the entry is Several locations, including Anderson's in Naperville and the Harvard Bookshop have put up more information, so it's up there now. I'm going to keep updating and revising that entry as additional stuff comes in, so as soon as I learn anything about Denver, or the Michael Chabon talk, or the Mysterious Toronto event (for example) I shall let you all know.

Incidentally, if there's one thing I've learned from the last few ticketed events I've done, it's that it's worth turning up even to "sold-out" events. There are always empty seats -- people have emergencies, or forget, or buy tickets for friends who don't show up.

...and a very long post that answered lots of people's questions and had helpful links to all manner of stuff has just been eaten by Blogger (it loses posts so rarely now it lulled me into a false sense of security), although at least the first couple of paragraphs were findable with "recover post". But I wish it recovered more than it did.