Monday, August 22, 2005

A Quick One

Hi Neil, re: Blackwell's event in Charing Cross Road. I have a ticket booked for 7.00 pm, 8th November at Logan hall, Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, WC1. I think this is the event you're talking about. If it is, I thought I'd better tell you just in case they forget. Imagine that! Best, Kathy.

That sounds right. It'll be Tuesday, in case anyone was wondering, and, schedule permitting, Lenny Henry will be interviewing me.

Incidentally, Lenny's reading of ANANSI BOYS is really lovely. I keep listening to it, and admiring just how much of a one man show it is. I'm going to ask Harpers if they'll let me put up the MP3 of the first nine minutes here to download, as a free sample -- fingers crossed that contracts and things will allow them to say yes.

Even more incidentally, fans of The League of Gentlemen may or may not have encountered the original radio series that the first TV series was more or less based on, set in a town called Spent. The six episodes are up right now at the Radio 7 site -- -- from 20:00 to 23:00. There's a slightly jerky quality at the beginning, caused, I think, by the audience applauding at the end of every scene, unsure whether they're watching scenes or sketches, but it's lovely stuff. (And will be up until Saturday.)

And marginally less incidentally, Maddy and I have been watching the recently-released DVD of Do Not Adjust Your Set -- it's ten episodes (out of 14, I think) of the first season of Do Not Adjust Your Set (, which was my favourite TV show when I was seven. It's not really Early Python, but it is astonishingly good children's TV, especially once it hits its stride, and the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band are the house band, sing, act as extras (and Eric Idle sings and plays piano on "Love is a Cylindrical Piano" because Neil Innes has flu). Also, for me, David Jason will always be Captain Fantastic.

I wonder if they'll ever release the second season, with the Gilliam animation in it...?


Edit to add: anyone got any idea why the RSS feed isn't behaving? The Livejournal feed is down -- -- but I have no idea what the mismatched tag it's talking about is...