Friday, August 26, 2005

A post with lots of UK dates in it and one NY one

I woke up this morning to the rumble of thunder, thinking "Er, I put a Rainbow reference in last night's post when I meant something else entirely, didn't I?" And I did. I'll try and work in a casually cryptic reference to Brian Cant and Floella Benjamin, instead, at some point over the next few days. Sorry about that.

The rough dates and locations on the UK tour just arrived. I don't know that it's all set in stone, and it doesn't have addresses or any other information, but it should at least allow people to figure out when they need to skip out on Yoga classes...

Saturday, 5th November

1.00pm Ottakars, Norwich

6.30pm Waterstones, Canterbury

Tuesday, 8th November Event at Institute of
arranged by Blackwells with Lenny Henry interviewing Neil. (See below)

Wednesday, 9th November

1.00pm Borders, Glasgow

6.30pm Waterstones, West End, Edinburgh

Thursday, 10th November

1.00pm Forbidden Planet, Newcastle

7.00pm Waterstones, Manchester

Friday, 11th November

1.00pm Forbidden Planet, Birmingham

6.30pm Borders, Oxford

Saturday, 12th November

11.00am Forbidden Planet, London

4.30pm Ottakars, Milton Keynes

Monday, 14th November

12.30pm Waterstones, Galleries, Bristol

6.30pm Waterstones, Bath

This doesn't include the Dublin signing yet...

*And as a postscript, a helpful message from Scaryduck (aka the man from, consistently the funniest blog on the planet),


Just so your blog readers know where to get tickets for your 8 November event in London, a very nice person from Blackwell's gave me the phone number for the box office: 0845 456 9876. The venue's limited to about 930 places, and is "selling out fast". I think the sum of seven of your English pounds was mentioned at some stage.
AC / Duck (Scary)


And one for the people in New York -- for September 18th 2005, a benefit for -- and at -- CBGBs:

Tix are now on sale for the CB's Gallery reading (NYC) at

Thanks ever so much for doing this on the 18th, and not the 17th. I should sacrifice something yummy to the scheduling gods.



Now I just have to decide what I'm going to read....


In the month leading up to ANANSI BOYS publication, there's lots of cool website stuff in the works. If you aren't signed up for the Author Tracker thing at you may want to go and sign up, as they're going to be sending out cool and interesting (and never before seen) e-cards, pictures, and other stuff, much of which, but not all, may eventually end up at As far as I know, they won't spam you with other Harper Collins stuff. (I just signed myself up with my gmail account.) You can sign up at for information on many Harpers Authors. I suspect there will be much Terry Pratchetty goodness, for example.